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Burn 30 Challenge™
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Burn 30 Challenge FAQs
We make it super simple!
Why do I need to pay for the Free Challenge?
It's not a payment, it's a deposit. Our team is committed to supporting and empowering women to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. However, due to limited bandwidth, we are only able to support a maximum of 100 women at a time.To ensure that participants are fully committed to the challenge and have a "skin in the game," we require a security deposit. This deposit is fully refundable upon completion of the challenge and serves as a way to ensure that participants are committed to seeing the challenge through. 
What happens next?
As soon as your security deposit is received, we will send you an email with the details on how to create your account with us. It is important that you use the same email address you used for the security deposit to have access to all the bonuses of the Challenge.You can reach out to us at team@ryanengelfit.com if you have any issues at all. Our team is here to help and we will do our best to resolve any issues you may have.
How hard is it to do all the requirements for the deposit?
It's as easy as 1-2-3! 

Remember, the goal is to show you a new way to approach weight loss and prove the power of our system. This is a win-win proposition. If we do that, we're certain to earn the chance you work with us in the future. That said, here's a quick recap of the simple requirements attached: 

1. Complete your daily workouts and check-in 4 times. We provide an incredibly easy-to-fill out form right to your email each week so you can't miss it! (It'll also ping you in the membership area).

2. Join Coach Ryan's Mindset Challenges and complete the simple survey afterward. There are 4 and they'll arrive with your check-in! They can be completed in minutes and are designed to equip you with a new outlook on fitness. (This is a challenger-favorite feature).

3. Submit your final out take to reveal your results!! With your consent only we'll ask for a small testimonial on your honest thoughts on the Challenge! 
I don't want to check in at all, can I still do the Challenge?
No, sorry!

We've designed this challenge with accountability in mind. Without accountability we see success rates plummet. Think about it this way; there are millions of Youtube Videos and workout routines flying around the internet yet so many still struggle with results. The biggest secret behind our success formula is the accountability process! 

In fact, it's what anyone serious about weight loss uses to finally break out of the endless cycle of being stuck. Including our own coaching staff!

Remember: we never share check-ins, or any other information. If you're hesitant about sharing your journey, just wait and see how easy and fun we make the process. 
I've tried other programs and never follow-through, what makes this different?
Great question! The weight loss market has a success rate of under 5%, and it is no wonder this is one of the most common questions we get.  We've been running challenges for years and have tried everything to increase our success rate. One of the most effective measures we've taken is introducing the security deposit requirement. By requiring a small investment upfront, we've seen our success rate increase to the highest level.

In addition to providing the best exercise routine and meal plans, we've added mindset challenges, check-ins, and personalized support to make sure you succeed once and for all. And it's working! 91% of our challengers choose to continue working with us because they're getting the results they want and are able to stick to the program.

A Letter From Our Founder

I wanted to take a moment to share the story of how our challenge came to be and introduce you to one of our amazing participants, Melissa.

As a coach, I have always been passionate about helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. However, I found that many of my clients, particularly women, struggled with the same issue: they wanted to lose weight, but felt overwhelmed and unsure of where to start.

That's when the idea for the Burn 30 Weight Loss Challenge was born. I wanted to create a program that was specifically designed for women, focused on healthy, sustainable weight loss and providing the support and motivation they needed to succeed. 

Along came Melissa. When Melissa first came to me, she was feeling frustrated and discouraged. She had tried countless diets and workout plans, but none of them worked for her for more than a few weeks. She was ready to give up on her weight loss altogether. She was depressed, overly stressed, and her mindset was broken.

But with my signature Challenge, Melissa found the guidance and support she needed to finally make progress… In fact, she went beyond her wildest dreams. She learned how to make healthy food choices, incorporate regular exercise into her routine, and most importantly, she gained the confidence and motivation to keep going.

The results have been truly transformative. In just 30 days, Melissa lost an impressive 12 pounds and continued to see even more progress in the weeks since. She's not only happier and healthier, but she's also rediscovered a love for taking care of herself.

The countless Stories like Melissa's are why I started the Burn 30 Challenge, and I'm so proud of all the incredible women who have participated and achieved their goals. I can't wait to see what the future holds for the Burn 30 community.

Welcome to a fresh start,
Ryan Engel
Founder, Burn 30 Weight Loss Challenge


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