The 30-Day Core Challenge is an exclusive, member-driven experience designed to help you shed body fat and develop a more toned, tight, well-defined midsection. All participants who enroll in the proegram will receive the following: 

- All items including the 6 Six-Pack Fallacies guide and 30-Day Core Cruncher official grocery list;  - A body type-specific diet;  - Daily fasted core workouts; - Tons of recipes, tips, motivation, and other bonus content.

Additionally, participants may opt to add the following items to complete their challenge experience:

- Exclusive Six-Pack Snacks recipe book; and - Custom weight training, cardio, and supplement routine. 

100% refund will be given if member doesn't get results on this program. By signing up for this experience, participants accept and agree to this policy. Any questions may be addressed to [email protected]

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