Mindset Challenge Week #1
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Next week's Mindset Challenge is HABIT BREAKING
Ryan's answers to Mindset Challenge 1:
I want you to take a moment and imagine what would be like to be at your goal weight/image. Write down 3 changes in your life that will happen when you reach that goal.

1. I’ll have more energy and movement back. I am now building stamina and prioritizing mental health rather than large amounts of muscle - this will take fat loss. 

2. I’ll feel more free from bullshitting myself about being “just fine.” Taking control of the physical will give me mental power. 

3. I’ll have more time in each day. Sure the workouts will take time and discipline will eat energy, but I will be breaking through to a new threshold which will make my time awake more potent.

How getting on track will affect your life and loved ones?

My mom's lung cancer shook the whole family and made me see time moving up close. 

I've thought about how many people are fighting battles that are out of their control. 

It made me ask, "what the hell is your problem not going to the maximum."My mom, friends, clients, everyone as I see it, should be inspired through our actions - not just talk.

What are some things you'll need to let go of when making the shift to the grow into the new you?

I have a list:

- Nights out have to be very limited. Maybe 1 per month, probably less.
- Checking my circle to remove any weak minds around me. It's always easier said than done to inventory people. 
- Movie nights have to be limited. I'll need to fill that time with reading and bonus ab training.

Think of a proximal peer, someone you are close with on a day-to-day. What is the ONE thing they will say to describe the future you?

"What the fuck is that mother fucker on - I cannot begin to keep up."

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